Personal Training

Novi Personal Training | Michigan Personal Trainers

Personal Training at MECA is for the athlete and non-athlete alike.  What makes us unique is a tailored program toward you.

On the first day, you will have a consultation that will explain what we do and how it can potentially benefit you specifically.  In that initial consultation we take your Bio Signature (a 12 site body fat test), which will give us a glimpse into your hormonal profile and where to start nutritionally.

After that, we go through your upper and lower body assessment along with length tension testing.  This assessment is very thorough, and helps us know your physical strengths and weaknesses.

After the assessment, you will be paired with a trainer that will help you progress to accomplishing your goals.  They will be with you each session, on every set, and every rep ensuring that the exercise is being performed correctly and that you are progressing.  Every 2-6 weeks, depending on the client and goals you will get new programs that your trainer will write, based on how fast you have progressed in the previous set of workouts.  Each phase of training builds on each other to help you continuously get better results. This is essential what makes us different, is that we write specific programs for you, monitor your progress with a daily training log, and have the best trainers and gym equipment in the state of Michigan to help you perform in the gym which will translate into sport or life.