We are a company that is growing incredibly quickly and have amazing work opportunities for people looking to have a sustainable career in personal training and strength and conditioning.

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Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes (MECA) is one of the premier personal training facilities and strength and conditioning companies in the United States.

Our founder, David Lawrence, who is considered one of the top strength coaches in the world, started MECA in 2012. We began as a small company and have grown to over 40 staff and team members with 3 locations in Michigan. Our goal is to continually expand and allow more people to experience our product and realize their physical potential. To be successful in our company, our coaches our staff members exemplify these five core values: Strong Work Ethic, Positive, Teamwork, Growth Mindset, Selfless

A man works out with a personal trainer at the MECA gym.


  • Learning and Continuous Education – We have an amazing internal education system that will teach you how to coach, design programs, assess clients, and produce the best results in our industry. We have a three-phase approach that consists of mentorship, physical training, and intellectual learning.
  • Growth and Upward Mobility – Our goal is to hire, reward, promote our teammates who exemplify our 5 core values and produce great results with the company. As we continue to grow, we prefer to promote from within our organization and recognize the value of our company culture. There are many different paths to grow and various opportunities to realize your professional talent working for MECA.
  • No Selling We have a fulltime marketing and management team that does all our sales. We want to hire and build great trainers, not salespeople. Your income as a trainer should reflect the value you provide someone that is training with you, not how well you can sell.
  • Pay – We provide excellent pay and aggressive raise structured that rewards meeting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and exemplifying our 5 Core Values.
  • Family Health Insurance – We make health insurance available for your whole family or just for yourself. This included dental and vision. We have one of the best Health Insurance packages in our industry.
  • 401K Matching Retirement Plan – Yeah! Free money for your retirement!
  • Paid Time off – (PTO is earned between 1-3 weeks annually) Paid at 100% of your pay. Other places say you can take time off but only pay a portion of your income. We pay 100% so you can enjoy your time off without worry about getting back to work.
  • Paid Family Leave – Up 12 weeks of maternity and paternity. If you have a child, we want you to be able to take time off and be a mom or a dad in those most important early moments of life.
  • Life Insurance Policy

What We Do

Our society is in desperate need for people who are willing and able to show others how to live a healthy, positive, transformative life. Something that is sustainable so they can improve their health. This is our business and it’s the most amazing work to be in! Every day, we get to help other people improve their health, increase confidence, realize self-actualization, while reducing pain, teaching lifelong habits that will improve vitality and longevity. These skills have a positive rippling effect that can positively transform our society.

How We Do It

We love working with people, but the most important part of our business is our staff and the culture that we have created. We have an amazing culture! While being a personal trainer is hard work, the people that you are around and the incredible clients that get to serve and interact with to help transform their lives is an incredibly worthwhile career.


Interested in Working with us at Meca Strong?

If you are interested about becoming a personal trainer or strength coach and working at MECA, please feel free to send an email to or call 248-773-8000. We would love to hear from you.

We are looking for good people and we hire based on our 5 core values. experience can be a good thing but is not required.