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Nick-Bellore is a american football player.

Nick Bellore – Detroit Lions

“Training with Dave has helped make my career in the National Football League. Each year I am amazed how my body continues to get stronger and how good I feel each and every season going into training camp. As an undrafted free agent out of college, I needed to get faster to play in the NFL and Dave has helped me realize my potential and was able to improve my speed in a very short amount of time. Now entering my 7th season now as an NFL veteran I have only missed 2 games in my career and have been one of the most productive players at my position on the field.”

Aaron Palushaj who is Ice hockey right winger

Aaron Palushaj – Philadelphia Flyers

“Over the past 7 years I’ve worked with some of the best strength coaches in the world and Coach Lawrence is at the top. I have never had better results than I have had with him. In one off-season he was able to completely overhaul my body. I have never been faster on the ice than after the off season training with him.”

american football player is tackled by players during a game.

Frank Zombo – Kansas City Chiefs, 7 year NFL veteran and Super Bowl Champion

“I would not still be in the NFL if it wasn’t for training with David at MECA.” In 2014, I came in for an evaluation and David showed me what was limiting my speed and power production. In one off-season, I increased my speed and strength more than I had previously done in the last 10 years training in college or the NFL. I increased my bench press by 91 pounds that off-season and was able to rehab an old hamstring injury that slowed me down and caused a lot of pain. Training with Dave and MECA has added more years to my career and I am running faster and playing stronger ever before. Headed into my 8th year NFL, I am getting better each year physical and it’s due to the continuous workouts and training at MECA.”

Alison-Heydorn heads the ball during the match.

Alison Heydorn – Guyana Women’s National Soccer Team

“Training with Coach Lawrence dramatically improved my speed and shot. I had a nagging hamstring injury that was preventing me from playing in the Olympic qualifying tournaments. After training with David for 12 weeks, my hamstring was stronger and I had no more issues. I went on to have the best campaign of my career leading our national team in Goals and being voted National Player of the Year”

three men in ski suits racing down a track.

Adam Fenton – United States Bobsled Team

“Coach Lawrence completely overhauled my body. Before training with him I was out of shape and lacked speed. After 10 week, I dropped my body fat from 24.2 percent to 12.1 and my speed and power dramatically increase. As a result of training with him, I was one of the youngest athletes to make the United States bobsled team.”

Jayson Megna an ice hockey player

Jayson Megna – Pittsburgh Penguins

“Training with David Lawrence changed my career. After my first off-season with him, I was much faster and stronger on the ice and my improved performance helped me receive a college scholarship. After my second year training with him I was drafted in the NHL and have gone on to play more than 100 games in the show.”

A picture if Austin who is a ice hockey player

Austin Levi - Charlotte Checkers Defenseman

“The first summer I signed up with MECA, I came with a goal of gaining 20 lbs of muscle. I achieved this goal in 8 weeks. They are an elite training center and continue to get better every day. MECA’s relentless pursuit of knowledge drives them, and they know how to reach the goals you have for your body. They will make you quicker, stronger, healthier, and more powerful. For as long as I’m playing hockey, I will turn to Dave and the team at MECA for my training.”

A headshot image of joe kinville.

Joe Kinville

“After the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in December of 2012 I came to Dave to talk about training for Central Michigan’s Pro Day on March 11, 2013. It had been a long grueling season and it showed through the decline in my strength and stamina. We began the combine preparation the second week of January. In the eight weeks that I trained with Dave I saw more improvements in my overall strength, flexibility and stamina than I had in four years of training at the collegiate level. Dave developed a program that put me in the best possible position to perform well in front of the pro scouts. In the short time that we trained together my reps at 225 on bench increased from eight to twenty-two and my body fat percentage went from 23% to 12%. Dave and the MECA staff have the best training in the State of Michigan and I would recommend to anyone looking to become a better athlete or just get in shape to train at MECA!”


Mark Rodrigues – Head Coach Guyana National Soccer Team

“David was at his best in helping us to prepare with limited resources and time. We were had our most successful campaign in our nation’s history and David was a key contributor in getting our girls fit and ready to play. Our key wins were over Guatemala and Jamaica in the Olympic Qualifying Championships where we were down in both games and had to score late goals to come back and win. This is a testament to how fit the girls where in big matches.”

Lonnie Pries – Head Football Coach Concordia University (2016 Coach of the Year)

“Coach Lawrence helped our team improve on the football field in a number of ways. The overall strength and physical endurance have improved greatly over the last couple of years thanks in large part to David’s efforts. Another, less obvious, effect he has had on our program is in the overall culture of the program. He has come alongside our coaching staff and our attempts to change our culture into a more dedicated, passionate, and winning culture, which has started to take hold.”

Tyler Shelast – Head Strength Coach Michigan Tech Hockey

“Coach Lawrence has without a doubt helped me to be a better strength coach. For the last 3 years I have visited him at his gym been able to learn from him and see some of the unbelievable results he has gotten with his athletes. He has really helped me improve my program design for my athletes at Michigan Tech which has helped us become physically stronger and faster on the ice and ultimately win more games.”

Taylor Johnson – Asst. Coach San Francisco 49ers

“Working with Dave for the past year has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. He is one of the most knowledgeable physical preparation coaches around. His programs have helped me to recondition my body coming back from numerous sports related surgeries. I’m much leaner and stronger than I have been in a long time and am moving and feeling better.”

Malcolm Gwilliam – Professional and Olympic Strength Coach, IBFF Pro Bodybuilder

“The fitness industry is filled with dime a dozen personal trainers and in between jobbers trying to make a quick buck off the latest gimmicks and trends. When it comes to results, there is one coach that stands out from the rest. Dave Lawrence and his team at MECA have separated themselves from the pack as the go to results based training facility for Olympic, professional and amateur athletes and the like. Without a doubt, he is one of the leading coaches in the United States and anyone who is eager to take their training to the next level should seek his guidance.”

To elevate the level of sports performance and wellness in the State of Michigan by providing superior personal training and coaching.

Above is our mission statement. While we do feel it perfectly describes our goal, one sentence cannot fully explain what a company is truly striving to achieve. This will provide you with a more in-depth look at why we consider our personal training superior and how we leverage this to elevate results beyond the other options out there in the fitness industry.

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