Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes (MECA), was founded in 2011 by strength and conditioning coach David Lawrence.

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About meca strong

MECA specializes in personal training for athletes and non-athletes alike. Our mission is to provide the very best in training and coaching for all of our clients.

In 2009, David Lawrence took a job as an assistant strength coach at the Poliquin Performance Center and saw first hand the methods of Charles Poliquin (The Poliquin Principles) were producing more results with top professional and Olympic athletes than anywhere else in the world. “Guys were making more progress in one offseason that I had seen most athletes make in an entire college career.”

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In 2012, David started MECA based around the teachings and training methodologies of Charles Poliquin and has taken more than 20 seminars and courses with him. Since the inception of MECA, our coaches have worked with athletes in 25 sports with multiple athletes in the NFL, NHL, professional soccer, and other Olympic Sports. Our clients will on average make more progress in speed, strength, and vertical jump in 3 months than they have in the last 3-5 years training on their own or with another program.

In 2015, MECA teamed up with Tri-Covery Massage and Flexibility to create a one-of-a kind performance and recovery center in Novi, Michigan. Tri-Covery is home to some of the best Fascial Stretch Therapists (FST) in the Midwest. It is not uncommon for clients to see more improvement in flexibility and range of motion in one or two sessions than stretching on their own for 12 weeks. Combining that with the personal training and performance side of things, you are getting something truly special when you come into our facility.


To elevate the level of sports performance and wellness in the State of Michigan by providing superior personal training and coaching.

Above is our mission statement. While we do feel it perfectly describes our goal, one sentence cannot fully explain what a company is truly striving to achieve. This will provide you with a more in-depth look at why we consider our personal training superior and how we leverage this to elevate results beyond the other options out there in the fitness industry.

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