Our Facility

Our Elite Personal Training Facility

Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes is a state of the art personal training facility that houses some of the best strength training equipment in the world.

personal training facility in novi

In 2015, MECA teamed up with Tri-Covery Massage and Flexibility to create a one-of-a kind performance and recovery center in Novi, Michigan. Tri-Covery is home to some of the best Fascial Stretch Therapists (FST) in the Midwest. It is not uncommon for clients to see more improvement in flexibility and range of motion in one or two sessions than stretching on their own for 12 weeks. Combining that with the personal training and sports performance side of things, you are getting something truly special when you come into our facility.

Training Facility Gallery

We have the following equipment and facilities available:

strength training equipmentEleiko Barbells and Plates

Eleiko is used in the Olympics and the strength training bar and plate of choice for many of the top athletes, trainers, and coaches in the world.

Atlantis gym equipmentAtlantis Equipment

We have over 25 machines from Power Racks, platforms, and multiple different leg curls to Row stations and reverse hyperextensions.  We have the largest selection of Atlantis equipment in the state of Michigan.

“The ergonomics of ATLANTIS equipment are excellent! Combine that with their incredible durability and you’ve got the best equipment on the market.” – Charles Poliquin

DumbbellsBlack Iron Revolving Thick Grip Dumbbells

Ranging from 5 lbs to 150 lbs, we use 2.5-pound increments to 100 and five-pound increments after that.

53 Yard Indoor Track

We use for sprinting and agility work, strongman training, and dynamic warm-ups.  Athletes will regularly do electronic testing for their 20 yard start times.

7 Massage Therapy Rooms for FST

On site, we have 6 plus massage therapists who are certified to perform Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST).  To our knowledge, this is the only facility in the United States that has as many massage therapists that are certified to perform FST.

1,000 sq. ft. Stretching Area

This is designed for clients to warm up or cool down after a workout.  This will also be used for various seminars that MECA will host and for clients to stretch or do Yoga during the day.