Elite Hockey Training

Our coaches at Michigan Elite Conditioning for Athletes have trained athletes in over 40 different sports.

Faster Results, With A Science-Based Approach

There is a reason why the rest of the country calls us “Hockey Town.” 

There is no shortage of top talent for hockey players seeking to take their game to the next level. At MECA, we feel that our method and system of training, especially for hockey players, is second to none. This shows in some of the results that our athletes achieve time after time, each spring and summer they train with us.

Our average client gains 19 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks and increases their close grip bench press over 55 pounds. Again, this is just the average. Some of our hockey guys have achieved downright freaky results. We also have yet to have an athlete say that they have not got dramatically faster on the ice and have completely improved their game! In total, MECA has had experience training multiple athletes in the NHL, AHL, ECL, College, OHL, USHL, AAA, and high school with our athletes winning league titles, national and high school championships. MECA athletes completely dominate the competition by being physically stronger, faster, and better conditioned through the end of the game.

So how do our athletes and clients get these results?  First, we are the only company in Metro Detroit whose main focus is one on one.  Why?  It’s simple, RESULTS! Training only one athlete at a time allows us to completely individualize the program and periodically make changes as we see fit over the course of a training cycle.  This lets us achieve at least 50 percent better results than if we just threw a bunch of guys in a group together.

Here is a brief synopsis of how we get the results that we do. First, our programs are designed differently for hockey, but what we really do is look at the structural balance component for each individual athlete through our upper and lower structural balance assessment tests.  This gives us an accurate picture of where the athlete is currently at, whether or not they have any weak points through their kinetic chain that need to be fixed, or previous injuries that could be impeding speed, strength, and explosiveness.  After conducting the assessments and performing Bio Signature Modulation, we design a training regimen to meet the athlete’s needs for structural balance.  Each individual will have his or her weak points.  For hockey players, I have found that around 80 percent of them have a poorly developed posterior chain, and that the muscles responsible for retracting the scapular and externally rotating the shoulders are usually underdeveloped.  Many times this is due to the nature of the sport of hockey as most of the game they are hunched over and in a kyphotic position.

Our next step is to use proper strength training protocols and develop strength and power through the muscle groups that are most responsible for producing speed.  These muscles are referred to as the posterior chain.  We use big bang for your buck exercises like deadlifts, squats, various pulls, sled work, and modified strongman training for athletes.  After an athlete has taken care of the structural balance issues through good training, we advance them to Olympic Lifts and plyometric training.  This helps develop speed and rate of force production and is necessary for eliciting power capabilities at the highest level.

These are just a few of the methods, techniques, and tools we use to help our hockey athletes achieve the very best training results.  If this sounds like something that can help your game or your son or daughter become a better hockey player, feel free to give us a call or fill out our quick lead form on the left side of the screen. Remember, our hockey training is exclusively one on one.  And this is what sets us apart from other sports performance companies.  This ensures that each rep, set, and training day is perfected and that no stone is left unturned to help you become a better hockey player.

a hockey player with a hockey stick.