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We offer top-notch personal training services in the North Shore of Chicago to help you achieve unparalleled athletic performance and fitness goals.

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Faster Results, With A Science-Based Approach​

Personal Training Services in Chicago's North Shore

At MECA, Our professional, elite North Shore Chicago personal trainers know how to bring out the best in you. Your individually designed program will be geared to improve your fitness level, overall health, and athletic performance.

Every custom program is designed around our proven process for developing greater strength and performance in less time.

Our Proven Personal Training Process - Better Results in Less Time

Our fitness trainers design personalized workout programs tailored to your unique goals and preferences.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, we have the perfect fitness plan for you.


Undergo a comprehensive assessment, including BioSignature Modulation by Charles Poliquin, to identify strengths, weaknesses, and nutritional needs for a personalized fitness plan. Through this meticulous evaluation, we will craft a tailored personal training plan designed to optimize your performance and help you reach your fitness goals with precision and efficiency.

Personal Trainer Assignment

Get matched with a highly experienced and certified personal trainer at our North Shore Chicago training facility, who will be your dedicated coach throughout all your sessions.

Progress Monitoring & Evaluation

Your daily progress is meticulously tracked, and as you advance toward your fitness goals, your dedicated personal fitness trainer creates a new customized program at each level, ensuring continuous personalized growth.


Initial Consultation and Evaluation

During your initial consultation, we’ll provide a comprehensive explanation of our services and their specific benefits for you. This includes a BioSignature assessment, a 14-site body fat test that offers insights into your hormonal profile and nutritional starting point.

Following the consultation, we conduct a meticulous upper and lower body assessment, alongside length tension testing, to gain a thorough understanding of your physical strengths and weaknesses. This in-depth evaluation sets the foundation for your personalized fitness journey.

A female personal trainer assisting an athlete during a training session at MECA Chicago.

Why Choose MECA Chicago - North Shore?

We take pride in our proven track record of success.

Client Transformations


439+ 5 Star Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients say about their experience with us.

Shell Guzman
Shell Guzman
Very impressed with Jared Myers' knowledge of health and nutrition.
Sarilyn Myers
Sarilyn Myers
10/10 would recommend Jared Myers is professional and will get you the results you need and want.
Anne L
Anne L
I've been at MECA for about 8 months, and I'm hooked! I had no idea before I started at MECA how valuable one-on-one training would be. I'm much stronger and have eliminated the back and shoulder issues I came in with. During my initial evaluation Dave listened to my goals, and he and my trainer have designed effective training programs for me. The trainers take their work seriously while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere; this is truly a great place. Shout out to my trainer, Liz! It's been 5 years since I wrote my first MECA review, which means I've been a client now for 6 years. Wow! I continue to be impressed with MECA. One thing that stands out to me is the consistent, high standards Dave has for the MECA staff. I've had three different trainers, and each one has been outstanding. Their training and knowledge is fantastic, so moving from one trainer to another has never been a problem. I also appreciate the focus on my specific, changing needs. I continue to value feeling strong and staying active and able to ski, but now in my mid-60s I'm also experiencing some arthritis that I didn't have when I first started at MECA. The trainers are excellent at working within and around any limitations I have, helping me maintain strength and flexibility. I truly believe working out with MECA trainers is positively impacting my ability to stay active, strong, and healthy as I age. And. . . Liz is still great, but shoutout to my current trainer, Emily!
Jason Shehab
Jason Shehab
Great environment, people, and energy! In just a few months of training at MECA I gained 10+ pounds of muscle mass change, along with better performance on the football field. Great training and great results.
Anthony Dickerson
Anthony Dickerson
MECA is a fantastic place to get strength and conditioning training. Anthony, my strength coach is professional and extremely knowledgeable in helping me achieve my personal goals. I highly recommend MECA and their staff.
Amanda Valyko
Amanda Valyko
MECA is amazing. I have struggled for years to get fit and Liz’s programs and Liz and Emily’s coaching plus Hannah’s nutrition have made all of the difference. I have gotten so much stronger and healthier. Highly recommend!
Kathy Morley
Kathy Morley
My experience at MECA is totally positive! It is almost one year since I started and the improvement in my overall strength and fitness has exceeded my expectations. The training staff is dedicated and friendly and my personal trainer, Chris Cheatham, is the best! I strongly recommend MECA to anyone who is looking for an elite conditioning experience.
Matthew Swanson
Matthew Swanson
Meca is not just a gym; it's an integral part of my overall health and wellness. If you're searching for a plan tailored specifically to you, this is the spot. Every single trainer is incredible (shoutout to Liz), and having a nutritionist onsite (shoutout to Hannah) is a game-changer. If you're serious about taking control of your health and fitness, Meca is where you need to be.
Kurt Andrews
Kurt Andrews
I have been working with Chris Cheatham since September 2023 and making rapid and obvious improvements in very specific areas he has identified, like my shoulders and legs, along with my overall strength profile. Chris is very methodical with technique, tempo and persistence during every training session and works well with the full spectrum of clients, from seniors like myself down to the HS or college-bound athletes.
Brad Smude
Brad Smude
We have had a great experience at MECA for the past year. Our son has trained with Chris, who has increased his overall strength beyond what we envisioned. Along with increased strength, our son has added weight to his frame, thanks to the balanced approach that MECA takes to include consultations with a nutritionist. We cannot say enough about what this has done to our son’s confidence and performance in hockey. We highly recommend MECA to anyone who may be considering a personalized approach to athletic training!
Sports Nutritionist Services For Faster Progress

Discover the advantage of having a dedicated fitness coach and a certified nutritionist.

At MECA Chicago – North Shore, we take pride in offering on-site nutritionist services, providing a substantial advantage to both athletes and non-athletes seeking to optimize their training through nutrition and dietary supplements.

Understanding that the food you consume serves as essential fuel for successful training and healing for improved performance, our nutritionist offers specialized testing and expert guidance to overcome any obstacles hindering your progress.

This invaluable benefit is accessible to all our clients, including athletes, non-athletes, and the general public seeking top-notch nutritionist services at our state-of-the-art North Shore Chicago training facility.

A MECA fitness coach trains an athlete and assists him with squats.
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Our Team of Expert Personal Trainers

Meet our team of dedicated personal trainers in North Shore Chicago, each with years of experience and expertise.

We take pride in our diverse team, including highly qualified female personal trainers in the North Shore.

David Lawrence the fouder of MECA smiling at camera. He is also a personal trainer.

CEO – President
Head Strength Coach

GM Michael headshot taken at MECA gym.

General Manager

a woman with her arms crossed standing in front of a blue wall. She is an admin officer at MECA gym


David is head srength coach at MECA grand rapids

Director of Employee Development

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Head Coach

Alex who is a training coach at MECA is smiling at camera


Training Coach Annaliese at MECA smiles at camera.


A picture of Gavin who is a personal trainer at MECA


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State-of-the-Art Fitness Facilities

Elevate your fitness experience in our cutting-edge facilities, furnished with the latest exercise machines and state-of-the-art tools.

MECA Chicago – North Shore’s gym offers a welcoming and supportive environment to make your fitness journey enjoyable.

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Discover the path to a stronger and healthier body with the guidance of our elite trainers. Achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently as you unlock your full potential. Connect with a MECA personal trainer near you and embark on a transformative fitness journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“3 years of results in 3 months” we save you time and help you
get world class results in performance quickly because of our 1 on 1 coaching
and nutrition program that is tailored to you.

Sport Specific, Rehabilitation, Body Composition (Fat Loss and Muscle Gain).

Each Training Session last 45-60 minutes