Fat Grip Training: The 3 Reasons Why We Use It At MECA

Image showcasing the 3 benefits of fat grip training at MECA,

If you feel that your training is missing that small but crucial detail to make it great, then try adding in fat grip training! This can be the link to transforming normal progress into exceptional progress!

Fat grip weight training can make the exercises that you’ve been using for years very challenging. Adding fat grips to your training has many great benefits and in this article, we will go over the three main reasons why we use fat gripz in almost everything that we do. 

What is Fat Grip Training?

Fat grip training is simply the use of implementing thick grip handles to all of your movements. For example, thick grip chin-ups, thick grip dumbbells, thick grip barbells, & thick grip cable attachments.

If you don’t have access to thick grip dumbbells or barbells, then you can purchase the thick gripz. Which is basically a rubber attachment that you wrap around the barbell or dumbbell to increase the diameter of the handle. 

The Top 3 Benefits of Fat Grip Weight Training

Get stronger faster by increasing neural drive

When using thick grips, you increase neural drive to the working muscles. Let’s take the chin-up exercise as an example. When performing chin-ups with fat grips versus thin grips, your grip has to work harder to hold onto the handles.

When your grip is working harder, your brain has to send more signals to muscles in the forearms to switch on all the time while performing the overall movement of pulling yourself upwards. When there is more neural drive being applied, then you are able to improve your training due to the increased activation in the musculature.

At first, the movement will be difficult but through training your strength will increase far beyond what you could normally achieve in that time frame by using thin grips. You can test this by switching to fat grips and then switching back to thin grips. You’ll notice right away. 

Improve your grip strength without extra grip work

If you already set time aside to do grip work then you are elite, but if you only have a limited time to train and want to get the most out of your training sessions then using thick grip bars will improve your grip strength without having to do extra grip training work.

Improving grip strength can increase overall pressing strength by up to 10%! When training with thicker grip dumbbells, your wrist extensors, and flexors will be switched on due to the fact that you physically have to squeeze the handle harder. This added stimulus will strengthen these muscles and improve the grip compared to using regular thin-grip dumbbells. 

Eliminate Annoying Elbow Pain and Carpal Tunnel

By incorporating fat grip training, you will also benefit from having healthier elbow joints and eliminating common alignments such as golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow. You will also reduce the symptoms or eliminate carpal tunnel entirely just by using fat grip implements.

For example, when people are sitting behind a desk all day, they are in a fixed position with their wrists and forearms out in front of them. Training with fat grips or thick bars will increase the time under tension within the muscles and send repeated signals to the muscle tissue to contract. When this occurs, muscle is being built, thus supporting the skeletal structures and nerves in the forearms.

This process will not only give you blacksmith-looking forearms but will also balance out the skeletal muscle tissue between the wrist and forearm.


There is always a better program, exercise, or nutrition plan that you could find to increase your results in the gym. But you could also just start using thick grip implements to get those gains right away. Just by making the switch you will get stronger faster with your current strength plan. You will increase the strength of your grip which will also mean your overall strength will improve by up to 10%. You will also eliminate chronic elbow pain or overuse injuries in your wrists and elbows allowing you to perform pain-free.

This is why our gyms are outfitted with thick grip bars, dumbbells, and machines. It’s what makes the difference for all our athletes. If you don’t have access to fat grips, you can purchase your own at fatgripz.com. These can be fitted on regular dumbbells so you can start getting all the benefits of fat grip training right away.


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