3 Reasons Why We Use Fat Grips at MECA

Today we’re going to be talking about why we use fat grips at MECA. There are three reasons why we use fat grips, or thick grips, at MECA. The first reason is because using fat grips allows you to get stronger, and faster by increasing neural drive to the working muscles. When you’re able to do that, you’re able to improve your training load, which will help your whole body get stronger.

Number two is that thick grips take away a lot of the need to do extra grip work. Grip work is great, and you can do more grip work, but when you’re using thicker grips, your wrist flexors and extensors are going to be doing a lot of work, by virtue of having to grip a thicker implement. Working those muscles is really important, and can save you a lot of time that you would have spent doing grip work.

The third reason is that we’ve seen a lot of people that have suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome, or other issues with the wrist or their elbows, and using thick grip implements, provided that they have a rotating handle, really can improve or lessen those symptoms. So when you’re doing strength training, if you’re able to train properly, and you’re able to put the right time under tension on those different working muscles, it’s very possible to alleviate a lot of pain, and especially something like carpal tunnel syndrome, where most people are getting it by sitting at a desk or working a little bit too much in a fixed position. Training with weights can relieve a lot of those symptoms.

So those are three reasons why we use fat grips at MECA, and it’s kind of a game changer for us. Athletes are able to get stronger. They’re able to do that much quickly, and it improves their overall ability to perform on the field. So at our gym, we have a bunch of fat grips. All of our dumbbells, bars, and a lot of our chin up bars are using fat grips. If you don’t have access to fat grips at home, you can get them at fatgrips.com. They can be fitted on regular dumbbells, so you can start getting the benefits of fat grip training right away.


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