Novi Personal Trainer

Michigan Personal Training and Strength Conditioning

Novi Michigan Personal TrainingAt MECA, where we really differentiate ourselves from other training facilities or personal trainers is how we design programs and implement them to match the individual client.  This is how we take you from where you are, to where you need to go, in the most effective way possible.

When a first-time client walks into our facility, we put them through an evaluation, which is usually about an hour long.  Depending on how advanced the client is we will go through a few or all of the testing to help us write the first phase of the program.

Testing Includes:

  • Previous History Review and Goal Setting
  • Bio Signature Modulation and Nutritional Recall
  • Lower Body Extremity Structural Balance Testing (series of 6 tests)
  • Upper Body Extremity Structural Balance Testing (4 tests)
  • Sport Qualification Assessment
  • Fiber Type Assessment
  • Neurotransmitter Dominance Assessment (NDA)
After going through theses tests and questionnaire your testing coach will then write a specific program for you to follow.  When you come back for your first training session and thereafter, you will be matched up with a trainer who will suit your needs and personality to help take you every step of the way towards improvement.  Our coaches will monitor your progress daily to ensure that you are getting stronger and moving closer to accomplishing your goals.  Every 2-6 weeks depending on the client, the workout program will change and you will advance to the next one.  This is done to ensure progress without stagnation and to keep things fun and exciting in your training among other reasons.

Why are the results better and faster at MECA than anywhere else?

The customized approach that we take with each individual no matter if they are a professional athlete, a business professional that hasn’t worked out in years and looking to get back into shape, or even a high school athlete who is returning from a knee injury and looking for strength training to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and getting back to performing at a high level.