The Advantages of BioSignature Modulation

BioSignature Modulation is a service where you can find out your biochemical and hormonal makeup with a simple, painless, and effective technique.

The process is based on the theory that where you store the fat on your body is a indication of your hormonal profile. The system takes this data and runs it through a database to determine hormonal issues, delivering a BioSignature analysis.

BioSignature Modulation was developed by well-known strength coach Charles Poliquin. He worked with athletes for 30 years and saw the repeated correlations between lab-based hormonal changes and site-based body fat changes. Charles used this data to develop the database used for BioSignature.

The advantages of having a BioSignature Modulation analysis is that once you identify the areas needing improvement, you will see positive results in all areas of your life, not just your physical appearance. All this is done without the pain and expense of invasive blood tests.

By following the plan developed from the analysis – which includes exercise, diet and supplementation guidelines – the physical, mental and intellectual areas of your life will improve. BioSignature Modulation will have you looking leaner and feeling stronger, healthier, happier and with much more energy.

Advantages of a BioSignature Modulation

  • Thyroid and insulin levels are regulated
  • Testosterone and growth hormones are addressed
  • Restful sleep levels are improved
  • Energy levels are increased
  • Body composition is improved with less fat mass and more lean areas
  • Many clients clients see positive results within as little as 2 days or weeks.
  • Most clients see positive, life-changing results within 12 weeks.
  • The analysis is easy to undergo and pain-free.
  • Individualized nutrition plans
  • Long-term weight loss success

When you undergo BioSignature Modulation, you’ll receive a full report detailing unique, nutritional supplementation and overall lifestyle programs. Our certified personal trainers manage your progress at every stage, and make sure you achieve the best possible results. At MECA, each one of our clients receives a BioSignature on their first day of personal fitness training and periodically throughout their training to ensure that body fat is being lost, lean muscle mass is going up and health is being restored. Contact us today to get started!

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