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Rachel Johnston, Novi Personal Trainer and Strength CoachRachel
Head Strength Coach

Rachel has always enjoyed being active and learning about the human body. She grew up playing soccer, mountain biking and riding horses. Rachel went on to play soccer at Concordia University. After suffering an injury during her sophomore year, she turned to strength training with Dave Lawrence, owner and Head Strength Coach at MECA, in order to recover and return to playing. Her current and ongoing interest in weight lifting was also sparked by Dave Lawrence, who continued as her strength coach for her junior and senior sports seasons.

Education and Personal Training Certifications

Her personal experience with the effectiveness of strength training to overcome injuries was a key factor in her decision to pursue strength training as a career. Rachel graduated in 2016 from Concordia University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Biology with an Exercise Science emphasis. After graduation, she interned at MECA and was hired as a permanent part of the team, shortly after.
Rachel received her Personal Trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is preparing to take the exam to add Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist to her list of credentials. She is also continuing her strength training education and working towards obtaining her Level 1 & 2 Strength Training Certifications through the Poliquin® International Certification Program (PICP™).

It’s All About Personal Training Results

Rachel enjoys working with the wide range of clients that come to her for help at MECA. Her clients on any given day might include a mom who wants to replace fat with muscle, a high school athlete working to improve his strength and performance or any number of other individuals from the community. “The best part about my job is witnessing change every day,” Rachel explains. “There is no greater feeling than having a client accomplish a goal they initially didn’t think was possible. It’s a joy to push people to be their best. Dave has created an environment where we are challenged and encouraged to learn constantly. This is important because it provides the best results for our clients.”

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