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Liz Kumke, Strength Coach In Novi Liz
Assistant Strength Coach

Liz grew up as the fourth oldest in a family with 12 children. The team mentality comes naturally to her. She participated in basketball and volleyball in high school and went on to coach these sports after she graduated. When she entered college, she initially started on a path to a business degree. When she started working out to keep fit during college, it uncovered a passion inside her that hadn’t been fully explored – fitness and strength training. She switched career paths and moved her focus first to Sports Management and then to Sports Performance. She knew this was the direction she wanted to pursue for her life. It was where she found the most fulfillment.

Learning from the Personal Training Pros at MECA

When Liz began looking for an internship to fulfill the requirements for her degree and graduation, David Lawrence, owner of MECA offered her a summer internship with his team. Liz was impressed with MECA’s individualized and personal approach with their clients. “As an intern at MECA, I watched how each client received the same level of attention from their trainers. It didn’t matter if it was a pro-football player from the Chiefs, a 67-year-old woman with back pain, or a 15-year-old just beginning to train – each individual had a customized program and a trainer who truly cared about their success.”

It was her respect for the caring, but committed, approach of the MECA team that convinced Liz to say yes when she was offered a permanent position as a strength trainer at the end of her internship. Liz is currently putting her knowledge and training to work but will continue to add to her skillset and specialized certifications to provide even more value to what she offers her clients.


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