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NFL Combine Training“I began training with MECA after graduating college. David and the MECA staff came very highly recommended by many people for NFL combine training. During that training my body completely transformed and my numbers were the highest they have ever been. David?s knowledge in supplements, nutrition, and individualized programs took my body to the next level. Once I did not get picked up by any NFL teams, David saw a potential to continue my athletic career. I am now a member of the US Bobsled team. I could not have gotten here without the guide and direction of David and the MECA staff. Throughout my time with MECA I have been pushed beyond what I thought I was capable off, but I have never had such great results in such a short period of time. I plan to continue my Bobsled training with MECA and strongly recommend them to any athlete regardless of sport.”

– Adam Fenton
US Bobsled Team

NFL Player Training“I have been working with Dave Lawrence since graduating from college. Entering my third season as a linebacker for the New York Jets, Dave has continually exceeded my expectations of how far I can develop physically! Every off-season I am blown away by my progress and results, results I can see when I get on the field! Dave’s passion for what he does pours through in his efforts with all his clients on a daily basis. He is always working to better himself, in turn, providing everyone he serves with a more beneficial training experience. From the actual lifting, to nutrition, to supplementation, all facets of physical development are addressed thoroughly, and tailored to the individual. I trust Dave with my NFL career and will continue to train with him to the day I retire and beyond!”

– Nick Bellore
San Francisco 49ers, Linebacker

michigan hockey player training“The first summer I signed up with MECA, I came with a goal of gaining 20 lbs of muscle. I achieved this goal in 8 weeks. They are an elite training center and continue to get better every day. MECA’s relentless pursuit of knowledge drives them, and they know how to reach the goals you have for your body. They will make you quicker, stronger, healthier, and more powerful. For as long as I’m playing hockey, I will turn to Dave and the team at MECA for my training.”

– Austin Levi
Charlotte Checkers Defenseman

Michigan Athletic Trainer“After the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in December of 2012 I came to Dave to talk about training for Central Michigan’s Pro Day on March 11, 2013. It had been a long grueling season and it showed through the decline in my strength and stamina. We began the combine preparation the second week of January. In the eight weeks that I trained with Dave I saw more improvements in my overall strength, flexibility and stamina than I had in four years of training at the collegiate level. Dave developed a program that put me in the best possible position to perform well in front of the pro scouts. In the short time that we trained together my reps at 225 on bench increased from eight to twenty-two and my body fat percentage went from 23% to 12%. Dave and the MECA staff have the best training in the State of Michigan and I would recommend to anyone looking to become a better athlete or just get in shape to train at MECA!”

– Joe Kinville